Dolenje Kronovo

It is a hilly village in the middle of a grassy area between the left bank of the river Krka and Ljubljana-Zagreb highway. Since Krka floods during the heavy rains the surrounding meadows are a bit wet. The village was first mentioned in 1211, as a square in 1308. The succursal of St. Nicholas was designed as a medieval church with a strong Baroque style and fragments of medieval figural painting from the late 15th century which was made by the master from Podpeč. It has a Baroque-style and »gold« altar from the beginning of the 18th century. The renewed picturesque façade was made in 1729.

Kronovo was first mentioned in archive records in 1221 when it wasn't yet divided to Dolenje and Gorenje Kronovo. Records from the 14th century list even the Kronovo square. Older historians set the location of this square in the village Dolenje Kronovo. Stane Granda explained in his debate from 1996 that the mediaeval square was located in one of the biggest islands in Slovenia on the river Krka right beside the village Dolenje Kronovo. He used the name Tržič, which is still popular among the locals. This is the name the square also has in the Franciscan land register from the first half of the 19th century. Dolenje Kronovo was first mentioned in records from the year 1433. Church of St. Nicholas which is in the centre of the village was first mentioned in 1526 in the list of valuables that were collected during the defence against the Turkish invasions. The church was also mentioned in Bizanc inventory in 1581 as a succursal of Šmarjeta parish church, which was also mentioned in Valvasor's Glory of the Duchy of Carniola in 1689. The church was supposed to be the Šmarjeta parish church's succursal until 1778. In 1878 the church got new church bells that were made in Samass church bell foundry in Ljubljana. The church also got a new altar and organs bought by locksman Jakob Jakoš from Mlin na Toplici.


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