Koglo spreads over Gorenja village at 417m of altitude west of Šmarjeta. Koglo with its vineyard Mevce is one of the most beautiful altitude hiking spots where a lot of visitors from Šmarješke Toplice Spa and guests from the Health Spa Šmarješke Toplice go almost every day. At Koglo the vineyard-cottage tourism has become more and more popular since kind winegrowers await for you with a glass of Cviček wine and homemade meat specialties at every step.






Vinji Vrh


The renowned Veliki Vinji Vrh lies over Šmarjeta and Bela cerkev on 392m of altitude. From there you may see the river Krka valley, Gorjanci hills, Kočevski Rog and Mirna Gora. If there's nice weather you may also see Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the north-east side. At the peak of Vinji Vrh there's an old lime tree and the church of St. Joseph which belongs to Šmarjeta parish.


When you go down from Veliki Vinji Vrh into the valley towards Bela Cerkev you reach the church of St. John located on Mali Vinji Vrh where you can rest your eyes on Krško plain, Sleme in the background and in north-east all the hills of Štajerska region.


The area of Vinji Vrh with its surroundings was covered with Pannonia Sea in the past. A lot of sediments compiled there and eventually solidified into limestone, dolomite, marl and sandstone. There are a lot of vineyards now on the slopes of Vinji Vrh where there's mostly marl and sandstone. In the east area of Vinji Vrh there are smaller hollows of flint with characteristic oncoids. Vinji Vrh is extremely rich with archaeological sites from different historical eras.


Even at Vinji Vrh, as in Koglo, the vineyard-cottage tourism is developing fast; people wait for you with full glasses and a table full of homemade specialties.



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