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Šmarješke Toplice municipality began operating as an independent local community on January 1st 2007 when it separated from the City municipality of Novo mesto. At the January 29th 2006 referendum the citizens of the two local communities, KS Bela Cerkev and KS Šmarjeta wanted to continue a joint and independent path in a new local community. Thus the parliament on March 3rd 2006 offered a confirmation of the publicly expressed wish of the citizens of the 24 villages on the territory of a newly formed municipality Šmarješke Toplice. At the first local elections in autumn 2006 there were 6 candidates running for the mayor position and 62 candidates in five voting units for the 11 municipal counsellor positions in the first Municipal council of Šmarješke Toplice municipality. The first constructive board of the municipal council took place December 1st 2006.


Number of residents: 3.201

Municipality surface: 34,2 km2

Number of towns in the municipality: 24

Length of the municipal road: 101,02 km

Municipal holiday: June 15th when in 1074 the board under the Vinji Vrh municipality was mentioned for the first time


Twinned municipalities: Cankova municipality, Teplice nad Bečvou municipality (Czech Republic)


Coming to Šmarješke Toplice municipality, you will find yourself entering a world of vineyards, meadows, forests, legends, and above all a world where the embrace of thermal water relaxes you and the warm smile of hospitable locals makes you feel welcome, while having a taste of their local wine.

Šmarješke Toplice municipality has a lot human, economic and cultural potential that hasn't yet been fully exploited.

Its main advantages are definitely the nature's gifts and the rich cultural heritage, beneficent geographic position and hardworking people that wish to contribute to a continual development of the municipality.


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