Šmarješke Toplice municipality is located in the area where Dinaric valley, plains and plateaus clutch with Pannonia hills and plains. The juncture reflects in thermal springs, diverse stoneware and surfaces, waters, diverse soil and vegetation, climate characteristics, exploiting soil and even in the cultural view.

The municipal area is surrounded by numerous watercourses. In the southern part that is the river Krka and the streams Toplica and Zavetrščica, whereas in the northern part Laknica. In the central part the biggest stream called Radulja paves its way through the narrow gorge. A lot of springs, among which also numerous of those with drinking water, disappear several times.

One of the most important nature's gifts in the municipality is definitely thermal water. It is the basis for development of the spa tourism that began in 1792 when the first records of Jezerske Toplice (Šmarješke Toplice Spas back then) were published.


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