Ruins of Klevevž castle

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There are only ruins of walls’ rims over the Radulja bend left to show there was a castle here once. In the near proximity there is a former castle manor house with the outbuildings. The Klevevž castle was built up in 1265 by the Freising bishop Conrad, but it was explicitly mentioned for the first time as late as in 1306. The lords of Klevevž were mentioned for the first time in 1267. The castle was burnt down in 1942 by the Partisans.


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Ruins of the castle Štrlek

Castle Štrlek, today a ruin, stood in close proximity of the pools of Šmarješke Toplice Spa. It was built by Freising ministerial, brothers Frederick and Rudolf from Slepško near Mokronog, without the approval of Freising bishop and probably even before the Klevevž castle was built. It was managed by the knights Stralekaers. The castle was first mentioned in 1247 as Stralekk but by the end of the 15th century it was abandoned.

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