On this webpage we make use of the cookie technology with whose help we try to improve the user experience, to gather information about the usage and to optimize the usability. With the following content we would like to explain at best what exactly cookies are and which purpose they serve –at least the cookies we use at www.tic.smarjeske-toplice.si


What are cookies?

A cookie is a simple text file, which is automatically allotted resp. sent to a web browser  (if the webpage uses cookies). When you visit a site that uses cookies for the first time, a cookie is downloaded onto your PC. The next time you visit that site, your PC checks to see if it has a cookie that is relevant (that is, one containing the site name) and sends the information contained in that cookie back to the site. Cookies don’t contain any viruses, Trojans or other endangering contents.


The different types of cookies

Permanent cookies

Remain even if the user closes the web browser and ends the session. Webpages may use them for saving credentials, for language selection and for traffic analysis.  This kind of cookies can be stored for several days, several months or even years.


Temporary cookies

Remain until the user closes or ends the session. Webpages use this kind of cookies for saving temporary information. This information may contain product choices in “buckets”, be part of a high security level in online banking affairs or just store information about the stay on the webpage.


www.tic.smarjeske-toplice.si makes use of the following cookies:


- the PHPSESSID Cookie, which is essential concerning the functionality of webpages and allows the backup of sessions between the specific applications.


The management of cookies

The most web browsers allow the management of their cookies. You can deny or accept them with an integrated feature in your web browser settings. If you deny the usage of cookies you can still use our webpage, but it could occur that some features won’t be working properly anymore.


If you want to deny the usage of cookies on the webpage, you can adjust this function in the web browser’s settings. Before your decision, we remind you once again, that by denying some functions of the webpage won’t work properly resp. won’t serve their purpose.


Facing the various web browsers we recommend to visit the information platform www.aboutcookies.org  in case you would like to manage or delete cookies in the web browser settings. There you can find information concerning the management and deletion of cookies in various browsers, explained user friendly step by step.

For a better user experience and traffic analysis we avail cookies. By visiting this page you automatically agree to the terms of use. More information

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