It's an extended village along the local road Škocjan-Mokronog at the exit for Šmarjeta. Along the road toward Šmarjeta there's a hamlet called Zaboršt on the right. By Laknica stream there are some meadows, therefore farming is one of the predominant activities. The village was first mentioned in 1290. There was a small castle standing there which was already falling apart between the wars.

Zbure and the castle that once stood there grew from the third unit of former Klevevž nobility, which was formed by Pallenburg's takeover. Zbure wasn't a newely established village; it only collaborated with smaller Freising nobility, mentioned already in the first half of the 15th century as a part of the Otok area. It seems that Zbure village was on lease, until the Pallenburg's takeover increased the area by adding a part of separated Klevevž estate. In 1817 Zbure had 76 farms and also two fifteenths that were joint with Klevevž through the owner. During both World Wars Zbure castle fell apart and today there are no tracks of it. A record from 1932 says that above the Zbure village there's a big picturesque building and beside it wide empty walls. This is the castle Zbure with stables beside it that burnt down ten years ago.

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