Bela Cerkev

Is a hilly and central village on the terrace above the left bank of the river Krka along the south edge of Krško hills at the Ljubljana-Zagreb highway. Vinji Vrh is rising above the village where they produce Cviček wine. South of the village there's the Karstic Elf's cave. At Strmec fallow they discovered numerous graveyards from the old and new Iron Age and from the first centuries. The graveyards belong to the settlement at Vinji Vrh. Along the road there are reconstructed remains of the antique architecture. The former parish, first mentioned in 1283, is one of the oldest in Dolenjska region. The central parish church of St. Andrew from 1813 was designed in the spirit of late Baroque and was built up in the place where there was an older building standing before. The side altars from 1874 remind us of the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the first mention of the town. Succursal of St. John the Baptist on top of Mali Vinji Vrh originates from the 17th century. The main »gold« altar is from the 17th century, whereas the pulpit from the second half of the 18th century.

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