Coming to Šmarješke Toplice, you will find yourself entering a world of vineyards, meadows, forests, legends, and above all a world where the embrace of thermal water relaxes you and the warm smile of hospitable locals makes you feel welcome, while having a taste of their local wine.

The Šmarješke Toplice area 50 years ago was that of a distinctively rural one. Nowadays only a few farms remain, merely as a form of a supplementary activity. Perfectly settled vineyards are located in the hills, where hardworking hands make sure the best Cviček wine is produced. Our beekeepers are also something our community/municipality takes pride in. Besides a few tradesmen, the progress of the industry is also on the rise.

In broader Slovenian space the Šmarješke Toplice municipality is especially known for its spa tourism, the centre of which is one of Slovenia's most modern thermal centres. Staying in touch with the nature directly, you can enjoy a vast majority of sport activities and different experiences.  The rich cultural and historical heritage can be seen in various archaeological findings as well as in diverse sacral and ethnological legacy.

"Lower Carniola - diverse, green, sparkling, calm, sociable. Openly boastful and mysterious sophistication. Landscape of meadows and forests of pretty green river, the cradle of picturesque towns and sincere, hospitable people."

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